Olhos D' Água is a Portuguese Parish located in the municipality of Albufeira,Algarve,Portugal

Small traditional fishing town, with some local fishing boats still to be seen. It is named "Eyes of the Water" for its well known fresh water streams leading to the ocean.Great relaxed paradise for your holidays. Our history shows that we have had come through this region Roman, Carthagens and the Moors. Recently arqueologists have discovered remains of salt water tanks from the Roman Empire period.In the beginning of the '60s the Tourism Industry started to grow and became our economy base, bringing with it lovely Hotels and Restaurants and Bars, etc.

The perfect place for a relaxed family holiday, we have all the amenities necessary for your needs from a medical clinic and a Police(GNR) Headquarters to supermarkets and daily market,etc.

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St Antonio -Local Marching Parade organized by the Olhos D'Agua sport club.Event Date: 13th of June

Sardine Festival -this event is also organized by the Sport Club of Olhos D'Agua.From 11 to the 14 of August

And various events take place all year round in partnership with the Albufeira City Hall.






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