Olhos de Água
Small traditional fishing town, with some local fishing boats still to be seen. It is named "Eyes of the Water" for its well known fresh water streams leading to the ocean.Great relaxed paradise for your holidays.

STº António
Local Marching Parade organized by the Olhos D'Agua sport club.Event Date: 13th of June.
Sardine Festival
this event is also organized by the Sport Club of Olhos D'Agua.From the 11th to the 14th of August.
Fishing Tournament
Every year the local club organizes various fishing tournaments


Traditional Portuguese Cuisine


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Opened in 1980, this Restaurant and its staff has dedicated itself and worked hard trying to reach the masses and divulge our Portuguese Cuisine. We believe that is integral to the development of the Tourism Industry. Good, traditional Portuguese Cuisine!

Come and enjoy a wonderful meal!

Bar / Restaurant
Every day we shop for the freshest products at the local markets and focusing on local products, insuring even more quality.


Dining Room 1
With 60 available seats and an excellent atmosphere, come dine with us and enjoy our location and hard working staff,always thinking of your needs.


Around 40 seats available in a covered balcony style terrace with a great relaxed traditional ambience.


Dining Room 2
Our second dining room can be used for any type of private function for it has plenty of space and a more relaxed private feel.



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